The best and most effective facilitating session on music I've ever seen.

Jim Kerr (no, not that Jim Kerr), Head of Music, Wardle Academy

The songs, rhythms and games Steve used to promote music and listening to each others' music were really good. All pupils were included - even those with SEN and real problems with the rhythms were made to feel good about their music. He maintained excellent discipline while getting the best for every child. Thanks Steve.

Jenny Higson, Claypool Primary

A most valuable experience for children and staff, following on from previous work building self-esteem. All pupils and parents were enthused and vitalised by the experience. We will use some of Steve's ideas and skills to support other curriculum areas and continue to generate children's enthusiasm and involvement.

J. P. Rudd, Sunning Hill C.P. School

It was marvellous for people to realise that noise is OK in libraries. This makes libraries more accessible to people who may feel intimidated by stereotypes of libraries being places for silent study only. The session succeeded in joining together the community, and encouraged people to celebrate libraries and their community. It was perfect. we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Helen Eastwood, Failsworth Library Calypso morning

I have employed Rhythmweave several times and have always found them to be very professional and accommodating. Steve presents drumming in a lively and enthusiastic manner and everyone always ends up smiling.

Drumming as a team building exercise is very effective as it encourages two way listening and good communication. At one high-profile event over 100 delegates took part in a Drum Circle. Everyone was made to feel comfortable and at ease - even the sceptical delegates enjoyed themselves.

I would recommend anyone wanting to offer team building and communication in a fun way to use Rhythmweave.

Alison Tupling, North West President, Business & Professional Women

Steve Hignett is a highly accomplished and experienced percussionist who has worked very successfully with a wide range of groups. This year, Steve ran a very exciting course for teachers and education workers as part of the Artists in Schools Continuing Professional Development Programme. Most of the course members had very little previous experience in working with percussion instruments, but Steve quickly built up their confidence in helping them master some basic skills which he then developed into very good ensemble work. In addition to learning how to make lovely sounds and develop rhythms using a variety of instruments, the session also encouraged the following:

  • turn taking, working in twos, listening to a partner's sequence of beats and echoing them, just like a conversation or discussion with equal chances for expression

  • valuing others input - everyone can learn from each other

  • working as a team - agreeing what the group is doing and performing it to the best of their ability within the whole ensemble

These skills were developed in a supportive and lively atmosphere which was enormous fun with everyone feeling that they had achieved a great deal. We would have no hesitation in recommending Steve's workshops for team-building programmes.

Sue Colman, Co-ordinator, Artists in Schools

Steve introduced a large variety of about 30 percussion instruments and showed the children how to play them. He brought the children in, in small groups. The layers of sound and the effects were amazing!

It was such a good lesson that the teachers watching, who were non-music specialists, were able to use and adapt some of Steve's ideas in their own lessons. The children enjoyed themselves and found the lesson very memorable. Steve established a good rapport with the children and held their attention and interest. This was an excellent introduction to percussion instruments for the children.

Mrs. Barr, Elmwood Primary School

The children were aged between 2 and 4 years. The activity encouraged active participation using the children's voices, bodies, drums and percussion. It was obvious the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, with less confident children eventually joining in. The children were moving, listening and responding to changes in tempo. The session allowed the children to express themselves, promoting their confidence, listening skills and physical development.

Newbold Surestart Centre

The music group make up was about 40 people. Steve worked with both children and adults. In fact it proved a little difficult to get the adults away from the instruments they were having such a great time! Steve taught people how to play the instruments in a very short time. Some had never played a drum before so it was incredible just what people achieved. The learning from using Rhythmweave was two-fold: we brought together children and young people from schools across the Borough. They had never met before and due to Steve's team-building skills they all got along very well. Plus they were encouraged to try new experiences from which they gained confidence and enjoyment. We all found Steve's input into the day not only beneficial but very enjoyable.

Kath Parrington, Anti-bullying Project Worker, The Children's Society, Rochdale

Excellent presentation, very enjoyable two days. Lots of positive feedback from pupils and staff. Pupils gained opportunities to meet new people and experience creative arts with a wide variety of instruments - music is the greatest vehicle for communicating with many of our pupils and everyone was included in the sessions. Staff valued the experience and this will support their work with their classes.

Mrs. A. Wilson, Head, Innes Special School