Team Building & Away Days

Rhythmweave offer two-hour, half-day or full-day workshops for workplaces and organisations.

Are you organising a course, conference or training event? Wondering how to keep people focussed during the troublesome after-lunch slot? Get us in for one of our 'Energy Jolt' sessions. An hour of drumming will do the trick - not just listening but playing!

We bring along an exciting array of drums and percussion instruments. After a fun warm-up we teach simple interlocking parts that very quickly become very musical. Everyone gets a confidence boost and a real sense of achievement in minutes.

What the participants are doing is a great team metaphor. They are listening to each other, co-operating with each other and the sound they are making is much greater than the sum of the parts. Team work!

Music and Drums Can Help An Organisation

When teams feel full of energy and confidence they will work more creatively and positively with and for their clients and users.

Everyone enjoyed the session. They learned that listening to each other and working as a team helps them to accomplish something together. They had fun, and gained confidence in their own abilities.

Jackie Robinson, Syke Community Base, Rochdale

Our inspirational Team Building Workshops use drumming and percussion to create a lively productive atmosphere, helping people in groups and organisations to become effective teams. The workshops develop listening skills, underline the value of the contribution of every individual and build harmony and co-operation. They help people focus on common goals and identify the benefits gained from belonging to a team:

  • Playing music as part of a group helps people understand the importance of being part of a team while exploring their individual creative potential

  • The very nature of playing together gets people focussed on working together

  • Music is a tool that can foster relaxation, stimulate brain activity and create a sense of belonging within a team

  • Learning to play is easy - it builds relationships and group cohesiveness and promotes feelings of confidence and self-esteem

We wanted staff to have some fun as well meeting the more serious objective of improving our communication strategies. All in all 70 staff (making up 4 teams) participated. Most had no experience of drumming/percussion and therefore were nervous when they heard about what we had planned for them. However, even the most reluctant participants soon gained enough confidence to be fully involved in the session. Stronger links have now been forged and the communication between teams has improved enormously. Thanks to Rhythmweave for an excellent team building workshop.

Anne Evans, Creating and Sustaining Childcare Manager, Lancashire County Council

Using Drumming to Build Team Morale

Music helps create a sense of balance whatever the need. Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Drumming can help you let off steam - yet at the same time feel energised.
Research has shown that drumbeats alter brainwave patterns and can dramatically reduce stress.

We use drumming because:

  • It's easy to learn

  • It lowers inhibitions

  • It reduces feelings of isolation, raises energy and enthusiasm and increases productivity

  • It gets people actively participating rather than sitting with pen and paper

  • It creates a lively, fun atmosphere!

Everyone was nervous but enthusiastic - we began to relax and enjoy the activity when we realised there was no pressure! We found the experience very therapeutic and a good team building activity. We especially enjoyed the big drums! Would like to do more!

Staff development session, Hollin Primary

Rhythmweave uses drumming and percussion to create inspirational Team Building Workshops that can be custom-designed for your organisation.

With our guidance, your team will learn to communicate, build rapport and increase trust, value individual differences and improve internal dynamics.